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     Lavaggio Prima's Primary target market is the 30% of the population with hair and scalp problems, those with chemical sensitivity and of course those people interested in a botanical product.

     Lavaggio Prima began in 1988 with the Rosemary formula. It's actual roots however I believe was a 17th century formula, Queen Anne's Water. Incidentally, at the same time in America, Roses were in virtually all Herbal Therapies with folklore all the way back to the ancient Greeks. From that first formula a line of 11 products evolved all delivering a full spectrum of benefits derived from the treasure of herbs and flowers used.  Essential oils are used for the scent but is also an ancient modality. Our slogan being "Essentially Empowered"

     Lice be Gone has been in the health industry since 1996. In 1999 it was investigated by the Lice Source Services of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, an FDA approved facility designated for testing lice products, with connection to the university of Miami.

     It was found to be totally effective. Subsequently, mentioned in an article in TIME magazine as an effective alternative to chemically centered products, in which Lice Source Services was interviewed. 

     I am proud that this product has served the prison system since November of 2000.

     The Warrior formula spray was brought out to keep the pediculosis off the children while in the classroom. Actually it will keep the insects off in the worst situations and was first developed to keep the flies off thoroughbreds, without insecticides in 1995.

     The Rosewater formulas capped my line. rosewater folklore heritage is rich with anecdotes including fountain of youth claims. Important here is that it adds volume and is effective towards hair repair.

     Lavaggio Prima Herbal Therapy Treatments are 99% botanical infusions and complement our shampoos which rinse squeaky clean. They are used at this time for detangling and styling or any time for a comb out.

     I submit Lavaggio Prima for your approval. It's niche being hair treatment. Here is one that is botanical, not chemical.


                                         Sincerely yours,

                                         Rich Greenfield


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