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 Dear Rich    

     I have been using Lavaggio Prima Shampoo for about eight months now and I think that it is a wonderful shampoo. I do not have a hair loss problem but I enjoy the fullness that it gives me as well as the conditioning benefits and sheen it adds to my hair.

     I think that anyone that tries this shampoo will enjoy it's benefits and will be sold on it.


                                                         Irma Garcia

     I have been using Lavaggi for 10 months. I have been extremely happy with this product. I use it daily as a shampoo and nightly as a scalp treatment. What I have noticed about this shampoo and scalp treatment is that my hair does not fall out. I do not see the hair in the sink or tub. Also this product does not coat the hair so it leaves the hair fuller and takes a beautiful perm. I look forward to the results from Lavaggio in the future because it makes my hair much fuller and healthier.


                                                 Charles L. Snow

Dear Sirs,

I have tried different treatments and this one called "Lavaggio" not only does what it is guaranteed to do but I think it does more. I highly recommend this product for anyone that is looking for a fine high quality hair treatment.


                                                Charles A. Budka


Once again Rich, thank you so much for your product. God bless and take care.

Dear Rich,

     I have used many kinds of shampoos, but none of them have made such a noticeable difference.  If I don't use Lavaggio for a few days I can tell that my hair starts to get thinner and looking limp. I am twenty-three years old and do not want to be bald at thirty. I would recommend Lavaggio to anyone losing their hair or not because it makes your hair look thick and great. Thank you Rich for developing such a great product.


Vincent L. Garcia

     I have been using Lavaggio Prima for over 10 months now and my hair has never looked as good. I was losing hair and within a month I noticed that the amount of hair in the shower has dwindled to nearly none. I had stopped losing hair. Within a few months more to my disbelief, I began to noticed little hairs on my head growing. My hair appears thicker and healthier today. I heartily recommend Lavaggio Prima. 

                                                         Sean Oyer

Dear Rich,

     Thank you for introducing me to your new hair which has given me a new vitality and hope for my ever thinning hair. It's a clean and refreshing feeling after each application of Lavaggio Prima. I have used it daily for over a year without fear of damaging my hair due to excessive use. Only a year ago I appeared to be completely bald. Lavaggio Prima has since promoted new growth and body to my hair and I do not look bald anymore. I would reccomend your shampoo to anyone without hesitation.


                                     George L. Johari C.P.A.